Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Le Pink & Co. Apothecary - Where All Things Pretty Reside

I visited Le Pink & Co. a Beauty Apothecary this weekend and it was sooo pretty!
It's in Silver Lake on Sunset Boulevard and
Once I got a peak of the inside I was hypnotized

I love, love, love stores like these that cater to all that is
Lovely and Feminine

Smell * Good * Daily
The word "tonic" has some kind of spellbound effect on me

Le Pink Apothecary had a huge collection of unique and exquisite scents
My favorite are florals like
Gardenia, Jasmine, and Rose

Look at the stuffed animals!!
I just can't help it
I've always had a thing for teddy bears
Judge if you must ;)

Gin and Rosewater???
Somehow the creators of this scent know me intimately

I scored these hairpins that I'm in lust with
Girly, glimmering, hair accessories are my hair's bestie

So seriously...
You MUST visit!
Especially on those days when you're feeling like you need something pretty in your life
Le Pink Apothecary does NOT disappoint

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