Tuesday, October 16, 2012

FashionWeekLA 2013 - Basil Fashion Show

In my quest to find something that I'm passionate about
I decided to attend a fashion show during FashionWeekLA
I managed to sign up for Basil Fashion Show

Basil's line was definitely "pretty in pink"
How could I not like it?

In the middle of the runway there was a DONUT TREE
Homer Simpson would go NUTS!
"Donuts. Is there anything they can't do?"

This one was my favorite

I apologize for the pictures
I got my camera two weeks ago and I'm still learning :)

When the show was done, so was I
I didn't feel excited, thrilled, passionate :(

I find it very admirable to see fashion designers pursue their love for fashion design
I know it takes a great deal of dedication, passion, motivation, and perseverance

I went to a fashion design high school and a fashion design university
So I've been to many fashion shows and I think I can put it to rest
I admire fashion design and fashion show companies A LOT
But it's really not for me

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