Friday, October 12, 2012

My Humble Abode Series Pt. 2

My precious Cabinet
Girly, colorful, and pretty
I love <3

I read a Suze Orman article in the Oprah Magazine
Once upon a time and it said something like,
"Respect your money. It's better to keep it in your bank account accumulating interest
Than in your closet accumulating dust."
So I try to make it a point to have only "one" of everything
Doesn't work all the time (especially when there's a sale)
But it's the thought that counts

I like color and sparkle. Can you tell?
It's really amazing how packaging can make the product
I'm not finished collecting all of the Pacifica Natural Soap's
The boxes are so cute and the soap smells delicious
I get them at Wholefoods

How cute is this button and CUPCAKE hair clip!?
I made it
I'm kinda crafty like that ;)

 My FAVORITE hair clip
This dragonfly hair accessory cost me a pretty penny
But it's soooo worth it
Items like these are worth the extra dollars
They add style and class to a plain ponytail
Don't you think?

The purse to the left is one of my dearest treasures
I scored this sweet purse at CJ's Elegance
If you ever venture into Inglewood, California hit this place UP!

I'm starting a scarf collection
I just feel like if the French can do it, so can I

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