Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Humble Abode Series Pt. 3

I mentioned in my post
That I would post pictures of my closet and here they are

This is where the magic happens ;)
It takes me about ten minutes to get dressed every morning

If I ever have difficulty deciding what to wear
I walk away from the closet and
Come back several minutes later

In my book, over-thinking an outfit is a recipe for disaster
*Over-thinking anything is a recipe for disaster*
I like the shabby chic look of a doily
This is what I work with everyday
No more than this is necessary for my lifestyle
From left to right:
Tops, Dresses, and Skirts

I stopped wearing jeans in 2006 and
Haven't owned a pair since 2008
I never liked the way jeans looked on me O_o
High heels suit my 5'2" very well 
More heels!

I own flats like a pair of boat shoes, 
Gym shoes, and rain boots
Flats actually make my entire body hurt o_O
I tell friends that with heels a toe may hurt but with
Flats my WHOLE body aches :(
Truly, it's my fault for always wearing heels

So there you have it
I have a another closet that I use as storage for my
Jackets and coats but not much magic is going on in there
Maybe I'll post pictures later

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