Tuesday, October 23, 2012

These Are My Confessions Series Pt. 2

I confess that I like...


I do
I like numbers
I actually dropped out of algebra once in high school
Because I was failing L and I failed once in college
How big of a confession is that!?
Numbers didn’t make sense until AFTER undergrad school

After I graduated with a degree in
Apparel merchandising and design
I went to work for…
An accountant
Yup, an accountant who specializes in taxation
 After working with him for a couple of years
I ventured into the corporate world

I began working for an apparel company
At its headquarters in Downtown
Los Angeles, which takes place
Inside a huge pink fortress where Dov C.
Is king and Jonny Makeup rides his bike
Up-and-down and in-and-out the offices

I did financial auditing for their
Fabric Planning Department
But I left after a little bit over a year
Because the corporate world
Doesn't suit my happiness

However, I did like my job
I liked dealing with external auditors
And I liked being the auditor inside the department
I liked finding the discrepancies and
Adjusting numbers (not cooking the books)
To correct figures and have accurate balances

Once numbers began to make 
Sense in my head I began to like working with them

I just can’t do numbers all day long
That’s why it’s not my passion

Still looking

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