Friday, October 26, 2012

Vegan Cheese Class! Yummmy... @Wholefoods

Though I've been eating 95% vegan for three years
I had never taken a vegan cooking class or 
Any class on how to live a vegan life

I finally decided to sign up for a vegan cheese class
Offered at Wholefoods

It turns out that I chose a great class to attend :)
The class was given by Miyoko Schinner and
The turnout was larger than I expected, which is great

I didn't know so many people were interested in 
Vegan cheese

It's really nice to hear people talk about their 
Eating preferences because I get to absorb knowledge 
That they have collected over their vegan years
 One of the guests commented that the cheeses Miyoko
Was making were made out of "real food",
Which was so true. The recipes she prepared
Used very simple ingredients that you can find
At most grocery stores
This blender and a hot plate is all it took to make
The cheeses presented during the class
BTW, I need this Blendtec in my life
I couldn't believe my eyes when she was making this
Mealtable Mozzarella
She heated the ingredients and then dropped balls of it into ice,
As the balls cooled they became hard enough to slice

A caprese salad was made with the slices of mozzarella
Miyoko prepared a delicious fondue cheese with white wine and
I almost fell of my chair because of how good it was ;)

I must confess that I never had fondue during my cheese days
But this vegan fondue makes me never want to try the dairy version
This shell was filled with vegan ricotta cheese
That she made like in 5 minutes
It was super easy to make and tasted great

After trying the recipes she made I was
Sold on buying her book
The first thing I'm going to make is the
Fondue cheese!

Many THANK YOU'S to Miyoko and the 
Good people at Wholefoods for allowing
Me to blog about this awesome experience

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