Saturday, September 12, 2015

Mother, No Other Like You

No other like you…

Growing up my Mother,
Cooked everyday, drove us to and 
Back from school everyday,
And that was kind of it

She wasn’t involved in my
School activities,
She wasn’t involved in my
Personal life,
She wasn’t involved in
In any way really
Other than making sure
I had food and shelter, and
Bless her heart for that!

I grew up wishing
I had another mother

I found them…
Several mothers

I’ve been supremely fortunate
To meet women who have
Taken me in, guided me,
Called me their daughter,
Invited me to all family functions,
Inspired me, enlightened me,
Praised me, encouraged me,
And gave me the motherly
Love and presence
I wished for growing up

My most close mother
Has been part of my life for
The past eight years

She was with me throughout
Most of my twenties

I truly wholeheartedly
Believe that without her
I could not be who I am now

Other than birth, meeting
Her has been the greatest
Struck of massive good fortune
I’ve had during this lifetime

Actually, meeting her has
Felt like a rebirth to the
Mother I always wanted,
Which is even better because
The relationship
Her and I have could not
Be fostered between biological
Mother and daughter

Our lack of back-history
Allows for a different
Type of depth
Without the pain of
Childhood and motherhood

My biological mother
Has softened throughout the years
And she has become more
Expressive and affectionate
And it’s hard not to love her

I’ve found compassion for her
And have understood that
She has truly done everything
She has been capable of doing
As a mother

However, my lifestyle,
Values and beliefs 
Continue to require a
Mother who sees the world
As I do:
Expansive, unrestricted, untraditional,
Mysterious, interconnected, and spiritual

And I adore my mother

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