Friday, August 14, 2015

Razor Energy, Razor Words

Someone asked me this morning
If I ever get mad? 

I don't get mad:
I get livid, resentful and
Poisonous all at once

My energy and words become razors;
They'll certainly draw blood if you get close

Anger isn't an emotion
Most people are able to process
And it's understandable because
Anger carries a massive dark energy
That makes anyone uncomfortable

As a child I wasn't allowed to
Become angry;
I would get locked in the restroom
Until I "simmered" down, but
At this point in my life
I let anger stay with me
Until I can understand it

I don't push it away, ignore it, or
Pretend I don't feel it

I also don't hide it from people
I tell them very clearly
That I'm feeling angry
And don't blame them for
My anger

My friends know my temper
Is temporary and rare,
And don't try to resolve it

They allow me to be next
To them and that becomes
Enough for me to
"Find my center"

This is the power of compassion;
An unconditional love that allows
Everything and instantly heals
With its energy

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