Sunday, June 21, 2015

Getting Ready As Ritual

I thoroughly enjoy
“Getting ready”

It’s a form of ritual for me

I like everything about it

The shower:
The water and the smell of soap
The facial products:
The toner, lotion, foundation
The hairstyle:
Brushing, straightening, curling
The makeup:
Eyeshadow, lipstick, mascara
The outfit:
The shoes, dresses, tops, bottoms
The accessories:
The earrings, rings, necklace
And I particularly have a
Tremendous love for

The process of getting ready
Is my favorite part of the day
It’s not time consuming
Or burdensome,
Or annoying,
Or difficult

I find it to be an
Opportunity to actively be
Present to myself,
And to be kind to myself
By making every part of me pretty

People say they don’t have time
To invest in themselves
In the morning but
If there’s anyone I have time for
It’s ME

I think there are great
Psychological benefits to be
Gained by taking the time
To get aesthetically ready
For the world

I know I certainly feel the gains

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