Friday, September 12, 2014

Me First, Then You First

I have never made it my
Business to think about
Anyone else before thinking
About myself

I know this isn’t something
People like to say (even if they feel this way)
Or that other people can hear without judging

But let me finish…

I treat other people with love and care
Because it’s in my best interest to create
Connections that are nurturing and loving

I show interest in certain people
Because I know that it will
Lead me to feel an emotion I desire

I keep the commitments
I make to others
Because if I don’t
I know my integrity will suffer

I try really hard to
Be truthful to others because if
I’m not, my reality becomes
Skewed, undesirable, hard, and
Eventually unbearable

There’s a lot of
Ayn Rand (Objectivism) in the approach
I’m describing

There is no other without the I

Without you there is no me

Value must first be found in the I
To be able to find value in the other

Everything I do benefits me
While simultaneously benefiting the other

Me first always translates to
Us first

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