Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Good Ol' Psychologists

A good therapist assists
With the discovery of the self

A good therapist
Becomes a healer

When you've found a person
Who can counsel you as
Well as guide you to heal;
You've struck gold

People don't usually
Understand the value of therapy

This misunderstanding tends to
Manifests in the form of
Judgment and mockery
(Which to me is the ultimate
Sign of how desperately the person
Needs to see a professional)

Not all therapists know
What they're doing and
Not all therapists are
Interested in healing

A therapist who is
Distant, cold, disinterested,
Insensitive, jeer, immature,
Uninformed, unqualified, dull,
Emotionless, frigid, or religious
Is someone you need to fire immediately

If you've had the opportunity
To meet a therapist like this
Don't be discouraged

Be thankful that now
You have enough contrast
To choose a better therapist
That better fits your needs

Finding a therapist
That guides you through the
Painful shadows of
Your psychology and
Encourages you to heal
Is like finding a rare gem
In a pile of zirconias
Find your gem

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