Friday, August 22, 2014

Let's Uplift Always

I’m the type of person that
Won’t be convinced that you’re helpless,
Hopeless, wretched, unfortunate, cursed,
A failure, stupid or poor

I exit a pity party conversation faster
Than pizza gets cleared out a kid’s party

It’s a disservice to let a friend
Go on a self-pity rant and it’s also
An emotional burden that quite
Honestly no one cares to carry

It’s so much more fun to uplift,
Celebrate, love, hope, embrace,
Accept, dream, and plan the
Awesome things that you really want

When a friend comes to me with
A self-pity-party I listen and once they’re done
I go into how awesome life is, how
Their experiences have prepared them
To create something amazing, how lucky
They are to still be able to make
Their dreams come true, and
How exciting it is to have experiences
That will be a huge contrast to the 
Awesomeness that is to come 

I affirm to them that what they want
Is theirs already and to be absolutely
Fearless in claiming it

Of course there are people
That will find me crazy, unrealistic, and insensitive
But I rather have people think that
Than become a soundboard to
Self-pity rants that ruin everyone’s energy 

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