Saturday, August 23, 2014

I Deserve

I adore being around people
Who have a pure sense of deservingness

They don't feel like they have to
Earn, work, fight, or steal
To get the things they want

This deservingness is not to be confused
With a feeling of entitlement

Entitlement is more like a
Resentful and angry demand:
“I’ve struggled all my life and I'm entitled
To finally reap the benefits of my hard labor”

Feeling deserving is a sense of
Self-worth, self-appreciation, and an expectation
For the best experiences to occur

Deserving is more like:
“Life is beautiful, all
Experiences are valuable,
I find the gold in everything”
Ahhhh refreshing :)

They don’t see life through “pink filters”
But instead they see themselves as the creators
Of their experience and they’re determined
To make their experience beautiful

These people are like heavenly,
Fluffy, ultra soft, clouds of love
To be around

Here's a video
That I found after
Writing my blog that
I think is similar to
What I'm describing

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