Thursday, June 5, 2014

Confucius... I mean Confusion

Metaphysics, spirituality
Mysticism, and psychology
All somehow mesh and
Reconciling the four
Can be a bit confusing

Here are some statements I've spotted:

"You’re not your thoughts" - Eckhart Tolle
"Question your thoughts" - Byron Katie
"Change your thoughts" - Wayne Dyer
"It's not what you think it's what you feel" - Abraham Hicks

There's also:

"Thought is ego" - Eckhart Tolle
"Strengthen your ego" - Nathaniel Branden
"The ego is not master" - Sigmund Freud

Oh and..
"Nothing is personal" - Don Miguel Ruiz
"Everything is personal" - Byron Katie

They appear to contradict
Don’t they?

Eckhart speaks from spirituality
Byron Katie speaks from personal experience
Nathaniel Branden speaks from psychology
Wayne Dyer speaks from the
Conventional understanding of god
And psychology
Sigmund Freud speaks from… drugs?
Don Miguel Ruiz speaks from
Mysticism (and drugs too hehe) and
Abraham Hicks... well this is the most bizarre of all:
A “collective consciousness”
That speaks through a human

I love reading all of the
Authors I mentioned and
I don’t mind the confusion

I actually appreciate it
Because it stresses that
We must always think critically,
Question absolutely everything, and
Speak from our own understanding

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