Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Enterprise of Equality

This year, thus far, has been all about
Understanding equality in relationships

Any kind of relationship:
You get the point

I can't say I grasp the concept of
Equality in relationships
Completely or even remotely

The pieces are still falling into place
Here's what I do know...

I cannot give, what cannot be given back
I cannot continue to extend courtesies, that are not reciprocated
I cannot give my time and space, to someone who has no room for it
I cannot continue to treat someone the way I want to be treated;
If they lack the capacity, emotional development, 
Self-awareness, and sensitivity
To treat me back the same way

I think the first step to creating equality
Is to take inventory of whether it
Exists or not in the relationship
I've only gotten this far to
Figuring this thing out

Still chewing on this idea of

Does it exist?
How can it be created?
How can it be maintaned?

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