Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Get Deep From Time To Time

I think it's easier to behave 
Indifferently than to express
What we truly feel

Or at least for those of us
Who had the upbringing of
Having to pretend

I'm not sure whether what I'm
Going to elaborate on is right or wrong
But I do know that it feels different than being


It has occurred to me throughout this year
That it's soooooo much better
To express what we truly feel
Even when at the risk of being judged as
Crazy, different, outcast, insecure
Desperate, repressed, troubled,
Immature, troublemaker, gossiper

I think it's even more necessary to express
How we feel when the same feeling
Keeps showing up with different people
In different situations

The situation is never the cause of the problem
The situation is a catalyst to help
Us overcome the feelings that hold us back

Very recently I found myself
Overwhelmed with a feeling
That continues to occur regardless
Of the situation and the people involved
My normal is to pretend that I don't feel it
But repressing the feeling
Becomes resentment and
Resentment is toxic in any kind of
I gathered as much courage as
I possibly could and
Expressed what I felt
It was great :)
Even funny :)
The risk I took wasn't for the other person
It was for me

The same day a friend called
She wanted my opinion on something
She had been wanting to do, which
Involved fully expressing herself but
She was afraid to do it because
Of fear of being judged as crazy
No way

What did I tell her?

"More than likely they're going to think
You're crazy. But if this is what
You need to do to feel liberated, do it.
Sharing your thoughts and feelings is the way you
Find yourself."


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