Sunday, November 11, 2012

Quotes From The Boss

The Boss is a very...
Interesting person
I love him to bits and pieces
I think he's great
A great pain in the butt sometimes but great nevertheless

He likes putting quotes on his wall and
I thought it would be fun to share them
On my blog because they're a bit fun
I had to ask him what some of them
Meant because they go right over my head
"Pigs get fat but hogs get slaughtered"
This is a stock quote
It means that if you get too greedy waiting for a stock
To jump higher you're likely to lose

Ham & Eggs
"The chicken is involved but the hog is committed"
This is a football quote
I don't know about this one
When he explained it to me he gave me
An example just like it so I still don't understand
How to apply it to everyday life

"Get all mine back plus some of theirs"
I work at a tax office

"The house always wins"
Casino lingo

"Don't think small"
I have a version of this on my bathroom mirror
It says,
"Think HUGE"

"Give'em something to talk about"
He loves this quote
There's actually a very very long story
Behind this quote but I wouldn't want to bore you with it

And finally...

I think these are more of his values but they're cool because they all begin with the letter "F"
Ok except the last one:


Cool guy right?
He says crazy funny things all the time and
I always want to tweet them but hold back
Not EVERYTHING is meant to be shared right?
The element of surprise is vital!

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