Thursday, November 8, 2012

Frienemy O_o

A friend who does and says things that an enemy would do and say

This term/concept has been very present in my 
Mind for the last couple of months

Do frienemy's really exist?
Why would anyone want to be a frienemy?
Why would anyone want to have a frienemy?
Do you know you have a frienemy?
Does a frienemy know they’re a frienemy?

This morning I decided to go to the gym and
While I was in the locker-room getting ready for work
I overheard a conversation  between two ladies

One looked like she could be in her 60's and the other in her 40's
So 40's starts sharing with 60's her dream about 
Owning a six-bedroom house
Immediately 60's starts laughing and begins making remarks

"Do you know how much housework that's going to be?
What are you going to do with all of that space?
You don't need to have a home that large!
You're going to get lost in that big house being all alone!"

I thought to myself, "Ewwww, dream killer"
If 40's wants to have a six-bedroom house...

What's the problem? 
Why rain on her parade?
Why burst her bubble?
Why try to talk her out of it?
Why ridicule it?

Why not ask why she has that dream?
What does she imagine herself doing with so much space?
How does she see herself decorating each room?
What city would she like for it to be in?
What color?
What style?
Why not help her make dream more colorful and realistic?

40's shot back a couple of comments trying to save her dream but
60's wasn't having it

Then out of nowhere I hear 40's tell 60's
"Wooooo you're getting THICK!
Look at that belly, why are you getting so thick!?"

I thought to myself
"Oooohhh woooowwww"

60's also shot back a couple of comments trying to save
Her self-esteem but 40's wasn't having it

Ball busters?
Dream killers?

Why have friends who don't support your dreams?
Who give you backhanded compliments?
Who try to talk you out of your dreams?
Who instead of saying, 
"I'll help you" 
"Maybe you should just give up?"

I don't want to be that frienemy
I feel like it's so easy to become THAT person too

It's painful to think that I have been that person and
That I have had that frienemy as well


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