Tuesday, October 2, 2012

This Thing Called "Luxury"



Spiritual Teacher Deepak Chopra says that it's our "NATURAL STATE"

"Adopt luxury as a lifestyle"

"Go first-class all they way"

It is the way we're meant to live

In pure and total luxury

Many times I understand the meaning of the word, but not the feeling of it

So I went on a web-searching quest to find things that I could relate to (And actually do) to feel luxurious, and now I'm sharing them with you

Actions That Will Connect You With a Feeling of LUXURY :)

Let's go
  1. Surround yourself with textiles that feel good to your sense of touch: silk, cashmere, satin, fur (Faux fur in my case because the universe is still working on that real fur for me haha ;)
  2. Light scented candles while you eat, shower, bathe, meditate, read a book, do work/homework, watch a movie (Basically, have lit candles while you live life)
  3. Make it smell delicious everywhere you spend a lot of time in. Home, car, work. Potpourri is the answer
  4. Wear expensive perfume/cologne (You don't have to buy it, go get a sample ;) Destination: Sephora)
  5. Make your entire eating experience beautiful. Bring out your prettiest dishware, use champagne glasses to drink everything (even water), light candles, play classical music
  6. Wear a silk scarf or shawl. It looks good, feels great, and upgrades any outfit by approximately five points (I know it's like 100degrees in L.A. right now so don't take this too literal. I don't want anyone passing out from heat-exhaustion)
  7. Dress your bed in awesome bedding. High thread-count sheets, fluffy comforter, always keep everything clean, and make your bed every morning (I have no shame to say that I NEVER make my bed. This one has been very difficult for me. I think I made my bed twice last week and that was already too much)
  8. Browse through photo albums of vacations you have taken and remember and relieve the feelings of joy, peace, and relaxation
  9. Make a list of all the things you own and love, and elaborate on why you love them. Say thank you after each item you write down
  10. Keep clean and fluffy towels in your restroom (I think it's safe to say that anything you enjoy at a high-end hotel is something that you should have at home and do for yourself)
  11. Buy flowers for your home and office
  12. Play classical music while you eat and commute
  13. Wear pretty lingerie
  14. Pay with cash (I guess this kinda makes you feel like a baller? I haven't tried it enough. That plastic is just too darn convenient!)
  15. Wear gloves. (I love this idea but really? Gloves? To what occasion? Okay, I'll do it... while I'm at home)
  16. Use nice pens :) (Isn't this a good tip? I really like this one)
  17. Visit a museum (Do your research and get in for free)
  18. Keep your surroundings clean and organized. Home, office, CAR (I'm ashamed to say that I neglect my car :( Poor dear, always taking me from point A to point B and I hardly pay it any tender loving care)
  19. Own fewer but better things. Get rid of all your crappy stuff that's just taking up space. If you haven't used it in the last year, then you're not going to use it EVER. Donate it, clear your surroundings, and make space for items of higher quality
  20. Make sure things work e.g. faucets, lights, doors, stereo, computer ...etc. 
  21. Get familiar with the feeling of gratitude. When you're feeling un-luxurious, sit down and make a list of all the things you are thankful for e.g. family, friends, health, air, water, sunshine, moonlight... beer. :)
That's all folks! 

I've been doing most of these and they do change the way LIFE FEELS

-I'm Gaby Manrique and I approve these tips on how to feel luxurious-

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