Friday, October 5, 2012

The Cutest Graduation Caps

For a plethora of reasons, some us decide that obtaining an MBA is worth our time and $$$$$

Some of us take it a step further and decide that decorating our graduation cap is ever more time worthy

And so two classmates and myself spent our afternoon deciding on a theme, buying supplies, and trying to put it all together

So much fun!

I'm happy I was able to find willing souls that wanted to girly-out their graduation cap :)

Michael's is a wonderland full of glitter, bling, and fairy dust

Don't let this pink hot glue-gun fool you
It burned my friend
Wretched hot glue-gun!

The coolest Cancer Survivor Cap EVER
My friend is a Survivor
Her and I know each other from undergrad school
One day I looked up and there she was in one of my MBA classes 
What a sweet surprise <3

I really like the huge glittery letters
No one will be able to miss her.. Even if they try ;)

Of course this is mine
My life theme
A symbol of resurrection, transition, celebration, lightness, time, and the SOUL :)

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