Friday, October 10, 2014

Introspection Is The Way

Do you ever get on your own nerves?
Do you ever make yourself angry at yourself?
Do you ever wish you could just shut yourself up?
Do you ever wish you could stop yourself
From doing that same thing over an over again?

I definitely do all of the above
On a regular basis
Not constant but definitely regular

If you let Byron Katie tell it
It's ALWAYS us that makes us
Feel any particular feeling,
And no one can ever make us
Feel any particular way

In theory, I agree with her

In real life, it's hard to put it into practice

Mainly because it's so much easier and
Lazier to blame someone else
Than to go through the process
Of introspection

Introspection is time consuming,
Difficult, boring, scary,
Possibly full of shame,
Confusing, painful, it requires focus,
And can quickly and cunningly
Turn into denial of what we discover

Introspection is the only
Tool that is readily available
To turn any grief into good fortune,
Any feeling of rage into one of love, and
Any feeling of shame into of of self-worth

Introspection is the departure,
The journey, and the destination

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