Sunday, October 19, 2014

How To Get It

How do you go about
Getting the things you want?

Do you force yourself through
Circumstances like a pit bull?

Do you aim to achieve until
Someone notices and rewards
You for your efforts?

Do you demand what you want
And if you don’t get it
Go elsewhere to find it?

Do you negotiate yourself
To get what you want?

Do you pay people to give
You the things you want?

Do you network yourself through
The circumstances you desire?

Do you seduce or flirt your way
Through life?

Do you expect everything
To come to you and it always
Does with little or no effort?

Do you go about it the
Conventional way or
Do you defy the status quo?

Do you go about it
In a legal way? Or do
You use unlawful methods
To accomplish your goals?

It’s comforting to believe that
You can take steps A, B, & C
And you will achieve your goals

However, we all know there’s no
Such path. No course of action
Will guarantee that we will 
Arrive at our desired destination

How do you accomplish
Things in life?

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