Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Charity - Giving Knowledge, Skill, Motivation

This may appear a bit
But there's something about
That doesn't rub me the right way

And it's not the entire concept of
Charity that I have questions about
Just the portion...

About giving people help
Without showing them how
To help themselves

Yes, the idea of charity is a noble one;
You give without wanting anything in return

But you do get something in return
You get pleasure;
You feel good about yourself;
You feel like you’ve given back
To the “community”

I have always felt that there is
Nothing noble about
Chopping someone’s legs off
Meaning, that they’re no longer
Able to walk on their own and
Provide for themselves because
They know they can depend on

Some people like to say
That they give and what the receiver
Does with that charity is
“None of their business”

There’s nothing altruistic about that statement

You give to feel good about yourself
But who cares if what you give
Enables the receiver to poison themselves?
That’s none your business after you 
Have received the pleasure of giving?
I don’t feel good about that at all!

I know there are many types
Of charitable work being
Done all over the world and
Many organizations provide
Training to help individuals grow

I like this type of giving

The type of giving where you uplift someone’s
Quality of life by giving them
The knowledge, skills, and motivation
To uplift themselves

I think that when giving in this way
You have contributed a resource
That can be used for life
Instead of contributing something that
Will only last an hour

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