Sunday, November 4, 2012

Styling Session - Take Two - Pt.2

I present to you the continuation of
Styling Session - Take Two - Pt.1

These outfits include the vest
This vest was also on the "To be donated pronto"
List but after seeing the different things that
Can be done with it I think I'll put it back into rotation

I like to say to stick with three to four colors
More than that and you'll be in trouble

This looks isn't for everyone but
It can definitely be worn with style

Lose the long dress and the
Possibilities continue

Reversing the way a piece of clothing
Is worn is so Khris Kross but it works here!

This was my favorite

Just pulled the back to the sides
It still looks the same in the front

After looking through these pictures
I'm imagining other outfits that could have
Been done with these four items:
A long dress, a long knitted vest, a belt, and leggings
Maybe I'll have to use them again in the future

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