Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Styling Session - Take Two - Pt.1

Another "styling session"

The blue dress I used for this
Session was already in the
Charity bag I keep inside my closet

Somehow I became inspired to see
What I could do with it
And wowie wowie it turns 
Out that I can do a lot

Here we go...
I love long-sleeved sheer shirts
They're so easy to wear and still
Very feminine

I'm sure many women have a
Dress like this in their closet
Take it out and try some of these looks

A belt gives any outfit a polished look

Cute pose right? :)

For the next couple of looks
I used a safety pin to give the
Dress a different silhouette
Here it's pinned in the front

Pinned on the side

Just having fun with it :)

Pinned on the back
This is one of those looks I was
Uncertain about but I like it ;)
I also like how the leggings are showing
I don't think it would work without them

Voila! The dress turned into a skirt
Her hairstyle went perfect with this look

Now I want to introduce "The Long Knitted Vest"
The vest gave the shirt, dress, and leggings
Many other opportunities
I'll show them to you in the next part of this
"Styling Session"

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