Sunday, October 21, 2012

L.A. Sewcial Club - Creativity is Life

I got the opportunity to attend the
L.A. Sewcial Club

The masterminds behind this club
Are doing the work of the Universe!

They created a space where
Friends of different ages and gender
Can come together and get creative and crafty

This is my take on the club:
I can see it turning into a nonprofit organization
Dedicated to enriching people's life through
Arts and Crafts and donating handcrafted toys
To disadvantage youths
How awesome does that sound!?

Picture Time

It all begins with an inspiration board
They had great ideas for many projects
I was super impressed
What was even more impressive was the abundance
Of supplies that these ladies had!
Crafting supplies
More crafting supplies
And belly supplies!
My favorite :)
Did someone say voodoo dolls?
The dolls were printed on canvas paper and
Then hand-sewn onto felt
Ouch! I just felt something pricking my shoulder!
Corny, I know ;)
The crafters were going to town
With these sugar skulls
Super cool right?
Top hat in the making
The more she added the better it got
What happens when you give me
Glitter and faux fur
 This sassy cat wasn't part of the projects
But it was on the hostess's fridge and
I had to post it because it's
Too adorable!

I'm only able to post pictures of
Projects that were work-in-progress because
I'm punctual to a fault (apparently) and when
I was finished and ready to go others were
Just getting started

You can see pictures of the finished
Projects at the L.A. Sewcial Club Facebook page
"Like" the page if you think it's a great idea

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