Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Humble Abode Series Pt. 1

I've always wanted to share bits and pieces of the decor at my apartment. 

I live with a family member but luckily for me, she thinks she has no decorating sense, so I get to do whatever I desire.  

A couple a months ago I posted a picture of My Little Corner, which I love.

I actually love many parts of my apartment. 

Wait until I show you my bedroom. ;)

Pretend you can't see the wires :D

Bird's Eye Shot (I just learned this term on

Do you know where this is?

I made these for a tea party I hosted for a friend who got married this year. 

I really just added the buttons :)

I'm pretty sure I'll never use this but it's pretty.

And ummm... Yes, I'm a self-help book junkie :/

Really hasn't done me any good because I'm still a mess but entertaining nonetheless. 

Haha ;)

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